Boiler Heating Systems

boiler heating systems

boiler heating systems
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Rinnai vs boiler for heat- which is better?

I have to replace my Lennox complete heat system. I previously posted asking about a Rinnai continuous heat system but I have been advised that the Rinnai is not really designed as a means to deliver hot water for heating. I’ve been told that a boiler system is the best way to go- but more expensive. Do people agree with this? And if so, what experience is there with the Luna boiler vs the Trinity Ti boiler.

I have a high velocity system.

Rinnai is NOT meant for a heating system. It is meant for hot water supply only. It would burn up the system and if it didn’t do that it would be very expensive to run. I have installed these systems and they are not cheap by any means. The boiler is more expensive but it will work longer and you will get youre moneys’ worth. Good luck

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