Best Way To Heat Your Home

best way to heat your home

best way to heat your home
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What’s the best way to run your air conditioner?

We’re gone all day, and when I get home around 2 the house doesn’t feel too hot. By 3 or 4, it’s pretty warm. On hot days, we keep the doors closed so the heat stays outside. Should we be using our programmable thermostat, set it at 76 and just let it come on, or just do what we’re doing now and just turn it on once we can’t take it anymore? Which is better and less expensive? Thanks everyone.

use the thermostat .turn the stat 5 degrees warmer then what you like it to be when your not home,this way when you come home it will not take alot for the unit to bring it to the desired temp. turning your unit off and on cost more because the unit has to run so long to get the heat back out of your house you may as well just left it on.if your stat is programable you can set the times so it comes on an hour before you get home ands goes to a higher temp when you leave for work..remember no more then 5 degrees warmer.

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