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best home furnace

best home furnace
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I want to replace my old gas furnace. I notice a lot of choices which brands are the best?

I’m going to install the furnace myself since it’s just a gas unit. I notice a lot of companies. I have currently a Lennox and it seemed to work great considering it still heats the home and was put in at 1973. I notice the following companies

Goodman – sells a lot on ebay some people have them dosen’t seem expenive
Trane – are these low quality
amer stnd – I heard they make good faucets

There are also a couple of other companies such as kenmore and sears that make furnaces. Which ones are good. Which do i have to watch out for.

The best brands are Bryant, Carrier, Trane (high quality). Lennox, Rheem, York, and American Standard also good.

Do not go with a Goodman or Janitrol. These are low quality.

I got this information from a neighbor who is a veteran in the HVAC industry and has worked with all brands.

I’ve read of conversation from others on Yahoo answers about how Goodman has been attempting to rebuild their image as a result of management turnover. My thought on this is that new management doesn’t change the quality of product overnight… and since they’ve built such a crappy reputation on quality, they should probably try to play the low-price provider niche as long as they can. Or re-form under a new name.

Good luck.

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