Best Heat Pump

best heat pump

best heat pump
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Central Air Conditioner or A Heat Pump? Which is best for Me?

We live in Missouri,Hot Humid summers, Cold damp winters. Summers can be as hot as 100+ and winters as cold as -0. We have had an electric furnace with a central A/C for the past 19 years with a minimum of problems. The A/C shot craps and now needs to be replaced. A A/C unit costs about 2500.00 installed and would replace what we have had for all these years. A Heat Pump would cost 3000.00 fully installed. The contractor says we will recover the 500.00 difference in about 2 to 3 years. My question is which system would be best for us considering where we live?

The Heat Pump is more efficient from an energy usage standpoint but they’re never as comfortable as standard AC/Heating units. In the summer they don’t remove much humidity and in the winter the heat never feels that warm.

I’ve owned both and I would stick with a high efficient AC and gas heating system. Get the humidifier installed in the heating system, that will also make you feel more comfortable in the winter and save energy.

What’s the best brand of heat pump?