Basement Floor Heating

basement floor heating

basement floor heating
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Will Cork Underlayment keep basement floors warmer underneath a Laminate Floor?

I plan on installing a Laminate Floor in my basement bonus room. It gets good heat, but the concrete floors remain a bit chilly. I was checking out the 6mm Cork underlayment rollout sheets and was wondering if they would be able to insulate the concrete floor. It seems less expensive instead of doing a regular cork tile floor job. I can’t afford radiant heated floors or any other dream home suggestions that are ridiculous for a house that’s over 100 years old.

You have the right IDEA.

What you have not said ANYTHING about is either a vapor barrier or using a self leveler.

Use a self leveling agent first. No floor is perfect, and this will help you acheive a proper level. Of course you should use all the right bonding agent(s) to ensure a proper layment of the self-leveling agent.

Then place a good plastic/poly vapor barrier above it when you know it has dried. Do NOT go cheap here. It will make a world of difference for you and your family in the future.

Then place the Cork board over it.

Then whatever flooring you choose, as a final layment, will be wonderfully correct and protected.

This will do absolute wonders for you.

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