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atlanta gas heat
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USA- Miami Heat stars find form Sunday
What are average household expenses in Atlanta, Georgia?

I am relocating from Upstate NY to Atlanta and I need some help estimating my expenses. My fiancee and I will be renting a two story 2200 square foot house. It will just be the two of us and our dogs. I am looking for what your average heat/gas, electric, water & sewer bills are. In NY we pay about $150 a month for heat and $100 a month for electric. Water and sewer are included in our real estate taxes. We usually keep the air conditioner on 24/7 in the summer – with the thermostat set at about 70. Same thing goes for the winter – we keep the house temperature at about 70.

I know that everyone’s usage is different, however, I would just like to know what people in Georgia pay – on average.

Thanks for all your help!!!

There are a number of cost of living comparison calculators available on the internet. Here’s a link to a google search for them:

You can try contacting the local utility company and asking for a 12 month record for the utility bill for that address. Explain to them that you are the new tenant and are planning your budget.

Where I live they will not give you the month to month totals but will give you the average monthly bill over the last 12 months. They will also set up a payment plan where you pay the average amount each month regardless of the actual bill. The final bill each year is the reconciliation where you pay the collective balance (either more or less depending on the total usage throughout the previous 12 months). The average monthly bill is updated annually.

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