Ao Smith Water Heaters

ao smith water heaters

ao smith water heaters
AO Smith posts higher 4Q earnings, revenue
A.O. Smith Corp., which makes water heaters and electric motors, said Tuesday its fourth-quarter net income grew, helped by factors including a 14.9 percent increase in water-heater sales in China.
Water heater help???

We recently moved in toour new house and lately the water has only been hot for a few minutes… Its an AO smith 40 gallon gas, but has electric blower thing not your conventional sheet metal tubing for exhaust.. When its warm/cool it should be on but the pilot only turns on for about a min then about 2 mins later turns on again? my experience with this is that itshould stay on til the temp is where its set at? Never had one with electrical pilot, so im kinda newbie..
any help? thanks
thermostat is set to highest setting, gas is getting to plot it does go on for short time not just pilot….. there is no leaking nor glass to look thru… I am pretty exp at plumbing just never seen a water heater than has an electric fan that is hooked up to the ignitor before

The thermocouple is not working properly.These models have problems with dust and dirt building up on inside of combustion chamber on sensors and thermocouple.The thermocouple is a wire like device that senses the heat off of the pilot light.The dust and soot buildup cause the auto-pilot light to not work properly.If you can figure out how to take gas valve/burner assembly apart and clean the sensors and thermocouple it will probably work.Be careful,some of the lines that need to be disconnected may have left hand threads.There usually is a small notch on top of nut that is backwards thread.This may be a job for the professionals.Natural gas is nothing to take lightly.Call around,tell them it is a power vent water heater.These are much harder to work on than normal flue type heaters.You may even have to call a heating / mechanical service.

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