Amana Window Heat Pump

amana window heat pump

Home Heating Options Help?


I have a 2 story, 1000 sq ft home in western PA. We need insulation, better insulated windows, and a cheaper heating source than Saudi Home heating oil.

I was thinking at first getting the walls with blown in insulation and then possibly a 2.5 ton heat pump with an electric Air Handler.

I want to get away from Saudi oil just out of principle. My options are electric or Nat Gas. What is the best furnance options? Any ideas?

At first we were not going to insulate but I guess we will do this first. There just is never enough money to go around.

So does anyone have good feedback or poor feedback on Goodman, Amana, Lennox, Trane, etc…?

Thanks for your time and consideration

Probably a good idea to start with insulating the house and replacing the windows as a first step.

Also, how old is your furnace? Even though you might not want to use Saudi Oil, if your furnace is really old, its probably only operating at about 70% efficiency. The newer units operating the in the mid-80% range, so you’ll save money there.

Not sure about natural gas, but there was a news story just today about how, in NJ, the utilities want to pass on to consumers the price increases they have experienced for natural gas. I thought they said natural gas prices were up 100% in the past year, but I’m not certain of that figure.

My dad was considering replacing his 30 year old oil furnace with a dual fuel oil/wood unit. The unit burns wood, but if it is out of wood, it switches over to oil. The benefit of this, to my dad, is that he has access to tons of firewood, first on his 1.5 acre property and then on our 25 acre property in upstate NY.

He hasn’t done anything yet because he is trying to sell the house instead.