Alternative Home Heating

alternative home heating

alternative home heating
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Heating my home on a budget….best option?

Right now, my primary source of heat is propane. The heating bills we currently receive are both comical and depressing. Unfortunately, we don’t have a fireplace. I’m open for suggestion on some alternative ways of heating/cooling. Some people say a heat pump is the way to go and others say geothermal….The house is 2900 square foot and properly insulated. This project is something that I will be doing myself (with the exception of excavating and/or drilling). I would really appreciate some insight. Thanks

It took me five years to build my house one stick at a time so that I wouldn’t have a mortage at the end. Your answer is how tough are you. If you have common sense and realize that catalyit heaters are very dangerous if left unattended, then get a five lb. bottle of propane and a flameless catalytic heater. Turn it on for 20 minutes, and shut it off. This is strictly intended to take the chill off until you can get the first cup of coffee down and then work your butt off all day so that you nearly pass out in your mashed potatoes at dinner time and then get up in the morn and do it again. I have a friend who hasn’t used he forced air in 25 years because he couldn’t afford to do anything else. I myself—– I WOULD DEFINETLY USE A HEATED SLAB(PASSIVE OR GEOTHERMAL DURING THE WINTER, AND EDUCATE MYSELF ABOUT DIGGING A 4-6 FT DEEP TRENCH FOR AUXILLARY COOLING WITH A SWAMP COOLER, IN THE SUMMER. I LIVE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.

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