Alternative Heating Systems

alternative heating systems

alternative heating systems
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Alternative heating system in Hungary?

I’m building a house in Hungary (not a sunny place), could You advise me alternative heating systems? I don’t want to use heating gas, I want as green system as it could be.

If wood pellet stoves are not available, wood is considered carbon neutral for those with concerns about that. Russia for example is promoting the adoption of wood pellet stoves.

There are a number of books available on the construction of concrete fireplaces for central heat, and would be ideal in Hungary. One in particular I am searching to find the author and title because it is tested approach to safely heating a home with cast concrete fireplace forms. It is more likely to appear in a European search engine like Jabse than US search engines.

To make something more permanent, such as here: only having the thermal mass of the fireplace hearth in the center of the building is covered in the book I am trying to locate its title.

Such wood burning installations can handle other fuels as they become available as well.

Geothermal Heat pumps as mentioned are an option too, but still require electricity to operate.

alternative heating systems