Alternative Heat Sources

alternative heat sources

alternative heat sources
Going green: Fuel of the future
It’s a tranquil setting behind a building on Blueline Road near Simcoe Ontario, well away from the oil sands of Alberta and the petroleum producing countries of the Middle East.[…]
Alternative Energy Survey – What do you think?

1. Do you believe the government focuses enough attention on alternative energy?

2. Should the government focus more money and legislation towards improving existing energy sources or alternative energy sources?

3. What do you feel is the biggest concern regarding alternative energy? (Cost/Efficiency/Emissions)

4. Should the government put price limits on gas?

5. Do you believe that alternative fuels would increase the prices of materials used to make them?

6. Do you feel that the government should cut other spending and use more money to research alternative energy sources and fuels?

7. Do you feel that the government should offer tax deductions to businesses that use alternative energy sources and fuels?

8. Should the government mandate that gas stations offer alternative fuels to their customers?

9. What type of home heating do you use?

10. Have you thought of using an alternative form of heating in your home? If so, what?

1. No, I don’t think the government focuses almost any attention on alternative energy except to pacify us.

2. I think its imperative that the government do something to improve our energy crisis, but I am very pessimistic about that ever actually happening.

3. My biggest concern with alternative energy is… cost.
4. I really wish the government would put a limit on gas prices! I read in the paper that it was going to be $5 by July where I live! Its sickening that the oil companies profits are so high and we allow it.

5. Yes, I believe the materials used for alternative energy will be more expensive. In Mexico corn prices have risen tremendously because the corn is being sold for alternative fuels.

6. I think the government should focus spending on the energy problem in America, and quit focusing on the oil in the Middle East.

7. I definitely feel the government should offer tax breaks and other incentives to anyone who is making a large effort to conserve energy.

8. Since not all cars can use the alternative fuel, I don’t think it should be mandated that every station have it, as it would probably only raise gas prices further.

9. My house has a swamp cooler for cooling, and we use a pellet stove in the winter.

10. We set the temperature of the home’s heating very low and wear sweaters, use blankets etc.

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