Air Conditioning Units Prices

Air Conditioning Units Prices

Air Conditioning Units Prices
Our A/C broke! What kind of air condition unit do we need for our house?

Hi. Who knows what kind of air conditioning should I install in my house? I bought a new house 4 years ago and the constructor installed a very small A/C Carrier unit. It was always running without turning off. My house size is 2700 sq.ft. with 9 feet ceilings, 7 people live in the house. We have 9 big windows on the west side of the house. A/C company who installed this unit only gave 1yr warrant on this unit. It’s 105*F in California now and our A/C broke!!! Does anybody know what type I should install? Our unit is located outside and it’s a central split A/C. Where can I get it for a resonable price, with the fan and the compressor? Does anybody know if the construction company can put in the right unit size, regardless of the warranty.

Running most of the time is actually more efficient (and tends to produce drier air) than running only a small fraction of the time. If it kept the house at a good temperature on hot days, it was a good size for the house.

Are you sure the unit is dead? Or is it just iced up? Or a switch turned off?

When you look for a new unit, ask the prospective contractors to run a “manual J” calculation — folks who want to guesstimate by square footage of a house or “that’s what we always do” are not doing you any service.


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Air Conditioning Units Prices