Air Conditioning Rebate Still Available

Air Conditioning Rebate Still Available

Air Conditioning Rebate Still Available
Waco businesses experience holiday boon
Some local service companies have seen their business increase the past month as they help residents prepare for holiday entertaining.

Replacing Your Air Conditioner Now Makes “Cents”

Instead of sweating through another hot summer with an old air conditioner, replace it
before the end of this year and you can qualify for up to $1500 in tax credits. The federal
stimulus bill passed by Congress last year provides Arizona homeowners with tax credits for
replacing their air conditioning units with more energy-efficient models.

Arizona homeowners who install qualified central air conditioning units through December
31, 2010 may qualify for a tax credit for 30% of the installation costs, up to $1500. To find out which units qualify and how you can get your fair share of the money, contact a reputable, trustworthy air conditioning replacement and service company like Chas Roberts Air Conditioning & Heating. APS customers may also qualify for an additional rebate of up to
$525 and Tucson Electric Power Company customers may qualify for rebates of up to $250
for installation of high-efficiency systems. Visit their websites for more information. Or
download an information sheet.

Need more incentive? Chas Roberts Air Conditioning & Heating is offering Arizona
homeowners a deal you can’t refuse. If you purchase a complete installation of a new air
conditioning system in November, you’ll receive an extended manufacturers’ warranty on all
parts and labor for up to five years for Carrier, Trane and Goodman products. A value of

And on top of these amazing Chas Roberts deals, manufacturer rebates are available up to
$1250 if you purchase qualifying Trane® units by November 30; Carrier® units by November 15 or Ruud units installed by November 15. Chas Roberts is an authorized dealer for all these brands and can provide you with details on qualifying units.

Tax credits and product rebates are the short-term ways you’ll save money. Over the long
run, a more efficient air conditioning unit can reduce your energy costs by up to 40%*. This
could add up to significant savings. And who couldn’t use extra money for the holidays or
for next summer’s family vacation?
Combine the new tax incentives with the rebates being offered and the money saved on
electric bills and the new unit can quickly pay for itself.

In January 2010, new rules went into effect that regulate the chemicals used in air
conditioning units, chemicals that damage the ozone layer. Your current unit likely uses the
R-22 coolant that causes chlorine emissions. Chlorine gas is one of the manmade emissions
which damage the ozone. New units will now use a chlorine-free and non-ozone damaging
coolant. The new units will not only be better for the environment but will make the air you
breathe at home cleaner and healthier.

Don’t wait until next summer to replace your air conditioning unit. Book an appointment
online today at, or call Chas Roberts at (602) 328-5058 in the Phoenix area or (520) 292-6858 in Tucson.

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Air Conditioning Rebate Still Available

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